St. Christopher’s Pre-School

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Registered Charity No: 1076643

Ofsted Reference No: 131564

Government funded quality sessional care

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

We encourage the children to have positive relationships by providing opportunities for them to play one to one and in small groups so they become confident in sharing their ideas, opinions and play co-operatively.  We promote independence and opportunities to achieve, building their self-confidence and self-esteem.

Physical Development

We promote all areas of physical play with varied activities, encouraging them to challenge themselves, use equipment with safety, to build on existing skills and try new skills.  We support the children in self-care and independence.

Communication and language

We promote Every Child is a Talker (ECAT).  We build on their listening skills and ensure that they are listened to.  We encourage children to communicate appropriate to their development stage and enrich the environment so they have access to books, music and songs.  We encourage them to extend their vocabulary and fluency by talking with them, sharing stories and rhymes and listening to their views and opinions.


We have a book each half term that we read and act out.  We use story boards so the children can play and explore the story themselves.  We support the children to understand that written symbols have meaning.  We provide materials for writing experiences in all areas of their play.  We provide each child with a book bag and book to share with their family (books are changed once a week).  We have several story sacks that the children take turns in bringing home for sharing.  We also have a box of books available for  parents to borrow.


With adult supported practical activities and experiences children become familiar with sorting, matching, shape arranging, sequencing and counting.  We support and encourage the children to use math language in all areas of play.

Expressive Arts and Design

We support the children in expressing their own ides and designs by supplying various materials to experiment and explore ranging from musical instruments and dance to art equipment.  We promote role play based on real life and fantasy.

Understanding the World

We offer opportunities for the children to experiment and explore a range of natural and manufactured materials.  A range of safe equipment enables the children to extend their technology understanding using simple tools appropriately.  Through our topics and activities we aim for the children to look at the wider world.

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Specific Areas